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Alain English Author

Thank you for picking up my first poetry collection.  I penned these pieces to give a picture of what it’s like living in a great city like London with an autistic learning disability and the way this affects your perceptions and relationships

Alain English

25th Nov P.T.P

Paper Tiger PoetryFriday 25th Nov 2022 Patricia Flowers Debut Anthology My Inside Opened Out Patrica Flowers will deligh you reading exquisite poetry to make you…

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Books by Alain English

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Alain English
Free extract download

Alain English

Alain English, Outside In is an autistic Scottish man, lays down in these poignant pieces from Outside In  life about living with Asperger’s, along with absurd and funny snapshots of London life. You will never look at Asperger’s Syndrome or London in the same way again.

eBook available

Alain English

Alain English is delighted to publish his second book with W.C.H. Publishing.  This selection of poetry marks ten years in London and covers such varied topics as mental health, snooker and politics.  Travelling from Aberdeen to London via Sheffield and Palestine, these poems can be savoured and enjoyed at any time.

eBooks available.

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