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Alaian English

with Barney Ashton Bullock

Paper Tiger Poetry Friday 26th May


Tea House Theatre 139 Vauxhall Walk SE11 5HL
Friday 26th May 2023 –

A show to make your mouth water and eyes weeps for joy

Birthday next year it my Publisher 10th year in punlishing, what can i expect, something special, I supect, all will be reveal soon is Keith Bray correct only time will telll

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Alain English

Alain English has been Resident Artist of the Tea House Theatre since 2011, when he founded the poetry event Paper Tiger Poetry. Since then he has taken part in Fireside Readings and performed one-man shows on Shakespeare, Robert Service and William McGonagall.
He is also the host of the Tea House Theatre’s annual Burns Supper, where he entertains audiences with his passionate recitals. To help welcome audiences back into the Tea House Theatre, he takes you on a journey through the poems he has created over his many years in London.

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Paper Tiger Poetry
Friday 25th Feb 2022

Coming soon 25th March 2022

Get ready the poets are ready. Office Girls their new comedy set is ready. Headline acts authors Authors Heather Moulson and friends And 4 poets Challenger are ready
venue Tea House Theatre SE11 5HL London
show start 7:00 sign up for open mic from 7 pm all money raised is for the Book Project

Paper Tiger Poetry 29th Oct
Last nigh was incrediable lots of new faces and fab poetry. Best poets on the night winner are Frankie, Freddy, Martha and Richard. Best dressed Act and keeping there Crown Office Girls go Crazy. We would like to thank Tea House Theatre staff and management for their support and staff for there hard work keep us all fed and waters and of course all our acts and most importanly our audience. We return Friday 26th Nov with Shaun Rivers John Wheeller, George E Harris and Man best friend Challenge. News, Pictures and video will be uploaded soon to
if you don’t see your picture just message me

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July Paper Tiger Poetry

Where do i Start wonderful evening of performance poetry Alain English perform his new works, stop the show audiance screams i’m tell you they screams for more, more, more, they loved it
This month best poem on the night was won by 3 women name are Shakthi, Liffy and Mar Yam. In my opinoin it unfair to have one winner when it can be a joint winner these poets were outstanding and The 3 Queens of Poetry will be featuring at Paper Tiger Poetry
Friday 24th Sept

The 3 Queens of Poetry

sign up from 7 pm 4 open mic
show start 7:30. £5 on the door venue Tea House Theatre 139 Vauxhall Walk SE11 5HL

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